One of the hardest parts about operating a small business is finding time. It may be trying to find the time to spend with your family. It may be finding time to actually work on your business. Or it might even be finding the time to take time out for yourself and your mental health. Either way, time has a huge affect on small business owners.

For myself, it is finding the time to work on my business. I already work a full-time job. After I get off of work in the evenings, I head straight home and start on chores. Yes, chores. But these are chores I love. My dog has been cooped up all day (only because she keeps escaping from our dog lot) and being a blue heeler, she has lots of energy that she needs to burn off. So I run around with her. The chickens need to be fed and once the garden gets started, I’ll need to allocate time to tend to the garden (weed, pick produce). After that, I start on supper.

I am also a blogger and have to carve out time for that. Not to mention finding time to make products, photograph products, list products on Etsy, and promote my business/blog on social media.


Thankfully I have a great support system. My mom will watch my dog at times when I have to go to vendor events or out-of-town for my blog. My boyfriend, when he gets home, helps to keep the house clean (dishes, bed, laundry), and will jump in to cook something for dinner if I haven’t started anything. But his work schedule tends to keep him working at night and at times, he is out of town for 16+ days.

I’ve started something neat that I think will serve as a tool to keep me moving forward with my business and is also an easy marketing item to share with my followers on social media.

My “What’s Brewing This Week” log.

It’s sort of like a weekly meal plan but for the products I’m making up in my studio each week. I will still need to carve out time to photograph completed items and list them on Etsy but I think that it’ll help generate traffic to my Etsy shops as well as create a bit of excitement about what is coming soon. Now you may have noticed that I did not include Sunday on my weekly plan. That was on purpose. Sunday will be a free day of sorts. If I had a bad week and didn’t get something accomplished, I will work on it then.

Have you create anything similar to help you keep motivated and stay on track?

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