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2015 Reflections

Phew. It is New Year’s Eve which means that the big holiday season is over! After my final show on December 12, I have been mostly just relaxing, filling a few small orders (including my very first order sold through Etsy!!), and daydreaming of what is to come in 2016.

2015 was a big year for The Southern Belle’s Garden. I finally got my business up and running and from the feedback I received at my shows, my products have been well-received. Everyone loved my labels/packaging which really makes me feel good. Across the board, my sales were pretty equal at each of the events I went to and I sold out of my lip salves at each and every event!

My very first show (White Oak Elementary School) – I am so proud of how my table turned out. I put a lot of thought in to each element on display. My mom came with me and helped me set up, but left shortly thereafter. I’m so thankful for her support.

My second show (Albemarle School) – while there wasn’t as much foot traffic as my first show, my sales were pretty equal. My grandma and my boyfriend both stopped by to show their support.

My final show of 2015 (Edenton Farmer’s Market) – while at my other shows, I had sold more wax melts, I actually sold more of my salves and bath products at this event. My mom brought me breakfast and my boyfriend stopped by with his dog to check on how things were going.

Doing these shows left me exhausted the rest of the day but I really loved getting out in public and selling the items that I had envisioned and created by hand. It was a little sad to watch my products leave. I was able to use my SQUARE card reader at one of my shows and it worked out great. I found out that I didn’t need nearly the amount of change that I had (which I only had 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s) but I would still feel comfortable making sure I had plenty of change on hand.

The only thing that I would really change is my gift bags. I had two varieties and while I sold completely out of one, I sold only a few of the second one. So maybe for next year, focus my attention on offering just one gift set.

I’m really excited about what is coming up for 2016 though and hopefully I will have some good news/updates to post in the next week or so!!




Final Show of the Year

Tomorrow is my final show for 2015. It was another last minute show – but come see me at the Edenton Farmer’s Market if you are in town! There will be lots to do this weekend in Edenton, starting with the parade tomorrow morning and the Christmas Candelight Tour. Check out this page for more events going on this weekend.

I worked hard last night making up another batch of my Irritated Lip Salve which has sold out at my past two shows. I also make a few Lavender Fields bath fizzes (dried lavender, lavender essential oil, and pink Himalayan sea salt) and Brownie Batter bath fizzes (unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla powder, sprinkles, Epsom salt). I was hoping to have some pictures of the new bath fizzes, but lighting was poor last night. Hopefully tonight. I am very proud of Lavender Fields.

Tonight, I wanted to whip up a few last minute body scrubs – I’m thinking a green tea scrub with matcha.

It’s not too late to get your holiday gifts! Send me an e-mail at elliott.emily1@gmail.com or emily@thesouthernbellesgarden.com to place your order if you live locally in Northeastern North Carolina. I have all sorts of bath fizzes, foot soak/creams, salves – perfect stocking stuffers!


It’s been 50 minutes since my first craft show ended and I think it went very well! My feet are so tired that I look forward to propping them up and using some of my relaxing muscle salve on them tonight!

If you’ve reached here from seeing me today at the craft show – please check out my Facebook page and my Etsy shop! Right now I just have my salves listed, but if you are interested in purchasing something that you saw at my booth – let me know!