Started officially in 2015, The Southern Belle’s Garden initially started as a way for me to share the knowledge that I had gathered of various herbs and vegetable plants. So many of the species that our ancestors once ate are either extinct or have fallen so far by the wayside that it is only a matter of time before they disappear as well. I started out by growing tomato plants and selling them locally. Then, I began creating salves. From there, I expanded to other bath items and candles.

For local customers, The Southern Belle’s Garden offers heirloom vegetable starts with the hopes of offering heirloom fruit trees in the future. This past year (2015), the selections included Amish Paste tomatoes, Black Vernissage tomatoes, as well as Cisineros Grande tomatillos and Cossack Pineapple ground cherry.

Through my ETSY shop, I offer handmade salves, and other herbal products for the bath and body such as bath bombs and bath teas. You can also order those this webpage as well.

Check our EVENTS page to see where I am going to be in person or STOCKISTS to see what stores are currently carrying products from The Southern Belle’s Garden.

Eventually, I want to be able to open a brick and mortar location that provides a welcoming space for the public to come. I want to be able to hold community events (community potlucks, how-to classes) and create a community garden – a feature that is very much needed in my town. Where I live, the median worker income is $16,719 and the poverty rate is 24.7%.While we have plenty of grocery stores, junk food always seems to be cheaper than healthy food and I would like to give the members of my community another – cheaper – option.

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