Gearing Up for TOMATO TIME!

While things have been a little silent on the blogging front here, I’ve been busy behind the scenes making new products and scheduling events for the next year (check out my EVENTS page for a running list of upcoming shows). Some of my new products will include linen sprays, GRANOLA (vegan), and body powders. But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to tell you that I finally narrowed down the tomato plants I hope to offer in a few months.

I started my pepper seeds about a week ago and plan to start my tomato seeds sometime in February. I just need to check back at my notes from last year to see when I started them as the timing worked out well. Since pepper seeds tend to be a little finicky for me, I won’t advertise them until I know that I have a good supply to sell.

Choosing my tomatoes for this year was difficult. I have a tomato obsession and want to try them all. But with two seasons of selling tomato plants under my belt, I’ve noticed a bit of a trend in what people around here tend to purchase. So I tried to find a good balance between what I like and what I think will do well at market.

Here are my picks:

Amos Coli Tomato – A plum tomato that is a great tomato for paste/sauces and fresh eating. // photo from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


Brad’s Atomic Grape Tomato – I didn’t go crazy with the cherry tomatoes this year but when I spotted these beauties, I figured that I would try them out. I love their funky colors and think they would be gorgeous in a salad. // photo from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


Crrole Original Variety – a heirloom tomato that dates back to late 1700’s! // photo from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


Blue Beauty Tomato – a great slicing tomato with a gorgeous color! // photo from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


Black Vernissage Tomato – Baker Creek Seeds sent it to me as a free sample in 2015 and I have been growing it since. It’s a gorgeous tomato and the plants are PROLIFIC. It is amazing the amount of tomatoes that are produced from these vines. They do spoil quickly once picked so I tend to toss these right into a pot to use for canning.  // photo from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


Yellow Pear Tomato – The Yellow Pear Tomato, to me, is an old standby. The small yellow fruits are great looking in a salad and are delicious to eat plucked from the vine on a warm summer day. One of my favorite cherry tomatoes. // photo from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


St. Pierre Tomato – Great for canning or fresh eating, these look like what I always envision a tomato should look like. // photo from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

To view what other great seeds Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds offers, please visit their website.